ABout Lavender shed

My Creative Space

For as long as I can remember I have played music, from tooting a recorder aged 5 to eventually taking a degree at the Royal College of Music in London. My life and work has always been in the music profession where I have had many wonderful experiences and exciting times.

Whilst working as a musician around the world I began to develop a love of art and textiles and started to experiment at home. Frustration and the desire to learn more took me to Morley College in Central London where I embarked on a part time City and Guild course learning about design for craft, art and textiles. I completed my diploma after 6 years of study and received the City and Guilds gold medal for excellence for my work.

Since then I have continued on my creative path learning and developing my skills and exploring new ones.

Lavender Shed is my creative space online and in my head. It is my imaginary, studio where I can make, create and explore. It is a place where I collect my favourite makes, pin board my ideas and document my journey. It is a place where I celebrate the things that inspire me, hone and develop my skills and make my beautiful things.

Michaela x